Notification of brief CATH outages
Due to necessary building work at UCL, the CATH site will be affected by brief electrical shutdowns for the next few weeks. Please bear with us during this period.

Welcome to CATH

CATH is a manually curated classification of protein domain structures. Each protein has been chopped into structural domains and assigned into homologous superfamilies (groups of domains that are related by evolution). This classification procedure uses a combination of automated and manual techniques which include computational algorithms, empirical and statistical evidence, literature review and expert analysis.

New in CATH v3.4

CATH v3.4 is built from 104,238 PDB chains. We have added the following data since v3.3:

  • 49 folds (total 1,282)
  • 163 superfamilies (total 2,549)
  • 1,311 sequence families (total 11,330)
  • 24,232 domains (total 152,920)

New in Gene3D 10.2

Gene3D 10.2 (released Sep 2011) uses CATH domains to provide 16,118,154 structural annotations for 14,963,305 protein sequences. The latest release also offers a number of new features:

  • Interaction Network Data
  • Interactive Graphical Representations
  • Genome Comparisons